60000+ Sales per month Production, recycling, logistics of pallets
wooden packaging
We deal with the production, recycling and logistics of wooden pallets and packaging. The team of people we employ has extensive experience in the wood industry, supported by many years of practice and many years of experience in occupied positions. Contact


European manufacturer of pallets and extensions

The Centre of Palette's Recycling WOPAL Sp. z o.o.

We work with many large production companies and logistics centers. We are a reliable partner for the supply, recycling, pallet and wooden packaging. We have our own fleet and forwarding, which facilitates our timely delivery. We employ 40 people, and the average monthly sale is about 60,000 pallets and wooden packaging. We have permits and licenses valid in the EU for the production of our products and the provision of services.

Our commpany is dealing with the production of used palettes and wooden wastes after the production. Although we exists as “C. R. P. Wopal” on the market not long, we guarantee a proffesional service becouse our team operates in this line a couple of years and our experience is very high.

European manufacturer of pallets and extensions

We meet national and European standards in the industry

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